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Inspiring moments - our new website goes online.

Just in time for our 400th anniversary, the Krone's new website goes online. Special and unique. But it is not up to us to decide whether it really is so. You’ll see.

Under the motto "Living with all senses", our visitors receive a comprehensive impression of the comfort of living so as to feel at home in the Krone. We believe in growth – in a gentle, natural way. Our roots are deeply embedded in the region, we are open-minded and respect your need for space during your retreat. The hotel has been a family run establishment for nearly 400 years and we are continuing to develop as we celebrate both our heritage and modern approach.

But at least as interesting as our hotel is our region, the Markgräflerland. Splendid landscapes, idyllic vineyards and winegrowers‘ villages, colourful fruit orchards, relics from the Celts, Romans and Alemanni. Mountains. Plains. Rivers. Lakes. Cultures that encounter each other.

We invite our visitors on a virtual journey to die Krone and our region. Our website was made with heart and contains the most important details at a glance, gives you advice, will inspire you and let you enjoy your stay!

We wish you lots of fun and inspiring moments!

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