Living with all senses.

Our hotel has grown slowly, it has a distinctive character. Here, tradition and modernity are united. At our place, everything is furnished with great attention to detail, is well-tended and refined: how does it look best, how does it fit together, how does it feel, how does it smell and how functional is it? Everyone will find their very own favourite room!

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Markgräfler Stube

Isn’t it marvellous for once to be fully on one’s one or in pairs, to be able to follow one’s own personal rhythm? This is your private well-being place.

ab 87,00 €

Dachspitzzimmer - rooftop room

Let your gaze wander in all directions - the Black Forest in the East, the Alps in the South and the Vosges and the Rhine Valley in the West. For people wanting a spectacular view from one’s own balcony.

ab 92,00 €

Südlichtzimmer & -appartements

Plenty of space for yourself. Space for ideas & retreat. Write, read, relax, dream - and then there is also this wonderful South Panorama and the peace! Our apartments are mostly south-facing, with lots of southern light and space.

ab 97,00 €


A source of inspiration. Gain strength. Be creative. Experience the atmosphere. Space for ideas and being. Individually designed with a special ambience. Simple, beautiful and with everything you need. Turn off and immerse yourself in our individually designed artist rooms.

ab 97,00 €


A lot of space to be and let go - between heaven and earth. Peace and quiet. All by yourself. Relax, touch, realize, accept and let go. A place for recreation seekers who wish to recharge their batteries and restore their feeling of well-being. Here you can regenerate before and after your wellness treatments.

ab 107,00 €


The sky above youself - a family room with panoramic view and southern light. Lots of space on two floors with a second bedroom for children. And then there is the wonderful southern panorama and the peace! Space to be yourself, to feel good with the whole family. Your base camp for excursions and retreat.

ab 117,00 €